Tournament scRUb League 4: Crime and Punishment [Round 1]

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complete legitimacy

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Welcome to the long-awaited first round of the final scRUb League!

The Gay-Agenda-Advancing Araquanids (5) vs. tehy's Thirsty Tangelas (8)
SM: Kev vs. Cheese5555
SM: Ajna vs. Mirbro
SM: Earth vs. Jase The World
SM: Ferno vs. Gorfield
SM: Energy vs. esche
ORAS: TDW vs. eifo
ORAS: DBW vs. Luthier
ORAS: Chicos vs. Ampha
ORAS: Maskun vs. WMAR
BW: Finchinator vs. Finchinator
BW: Mylo Xyloto vs. trace
BW: Scizorphobic vs. The Leprechaun
BW: LegendarySerperior vs. Double01
Manager: roman vs. Kableye
+4 wins to Araquanids

The Newton Mewtons (6) vs. The Finch-less Finneon (4)

SM: tom holland vs. EviGaro
SM: bkdrew vs. Yay
SM: Lugia Proto vs. BelmontGabriel
SM: Wanonymous1616 vs. Sir Isaac Mewton
SM: Finchinator vs. blinkboy
ORAS: Mannat vs. Bouff
ORAS: Moon vs. CryoGyro
ORAS: Starmei vs. Lord Crucify
ORAS: neomon vs. hjkhj
BW: yedla vs. Amaroq
BW: SilentVerse vs. -Tsunami-
BW: Averardo vs. Aurora
BW: cyanize vs. zizalith
Manager: Feliburn vs. DurzaOffTopic
Here are the rules for the tiers:
  • SM RU
    • Every Pokemon must hold a Z Crystal
    • Protect, Detect, Spiky Shield, Quick Guard, Wide Guard, and Endure are banned​
    • Sturdy and Wonder Guard are banned​
  • ORAS RU​
    • Arceus is legal, and you can use up to two; however, you cannot use two of the same Arceus forme (i.e. can't use two Arceus-Normals, but Arceus-Normal and Arceus-Ghost are fine)​
    • If neither of the two players use Arceus at all, then the winner of the game will receive 2 wins for their team​
    • If only one of the two players uses Arceus, that players wins the game at Team Preview and receives 3 wins for their team​
    • If both players use Arceus, then the winner of the game will only receive a win for themselves​
    • To ensure fairness for this, you must challenge each other in Anything Goes or a Custom Game
  • BW RU​
    • You can only use 4 Pokemon​
    • Of the 4 Pokemon, 3 of them must be Moltres, Druddigon, and Durant​
  • Managers will play each other in BW Middle Cup. The rules for this meta are as follows:​
    • All Pokemon at level 50​
    • The only eligible Pokemon are those that have evolved from something and are also able to evolve into something else (the "middle" evolution)​
Additional Rules:
  • The Finch vs. Finch matchup will be dealt with as follows:​
    • The first two people from each respective team to volunteer will be entered into a 2v2 rap battle​
    • At some point during the week, we will declare a winner, and that team will win this matchup​
    • Note that this will likely end before the week is up​
  • Whoever is facing Double01 must write a coherent 1000-1200 word tragic narrative using forum members as characters. A decent quality attempt will yield a win, and this can be repeated as many as times as necessary until a win is awarded.​
  • EricSaysHi clause is in effect​

Activity wins may be given if there is a clear case for one. Additionally, frequent and/or quality participation in the smack talk thread may yield a win at the end of the week.

If you have any questions or need any clarification regarding the rules, please let me know! The deadline for this round is Sunday night.
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complete legitimacy

is it cold in the water?
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Thank you for the team which bears my name. I am grateful the young blood is recognizing my contributions to this wonderful tier on which I started as a dark horse and have become the undisputed master of.

I must however inform you that I would rather drink a bottle of rat piss or -sorry for the following disgusting and graphic content- shake durza's hand than play with you lot.

I wish you all the best (which probably can be summarized in: don't be unfortunate enough to walk by the angsty self proclaimed champion of RU called Ajna, as the smell of sweat and overgrown unwashed pubic hairs will make you chop your nose off with a paper knife).
there is not a single coherent sentence in this entire post. whoever roasts this man the best will receive a win for this week.
Because you guys played in the wrong tier, not only is this match void, you will both autolose next week. I know the OP is a bit long, but surely at least one of you could have actually looked at the tier you were playing.

I will give you the option of a replay in ORAS, though, if you so choose.

Did you play in the wrong generation on purpose?

baited bitches we didn't even schedule yet

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